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  • How to open ports for aws EC2 instance

    When we crreate new aws ec2 instances, they only have port 22 opened by default due to default security policy. If we want to use this instance as a webserver for our websites or for nodejs apps or node servers running behind react app, etc., we need to open relevant ports on the aws ec2 […]

  • How to create AWS EC2 instance & login using .pem

    This tutorial explains how you can create a cloud virtual server on amazon, called aws EC2 instance. We will create a free tier instance running latest ubuntu and login to it using the .pem file provided by amazon. This post contains: How to create an AWS EC2 instance How to connect to aws EC2 instance […]

  • How to login to aws ec2 instance using password

    Aws ec2 instance creates virtual server for us and provides us with a .pem file to login into the server. This is no doubt a very useful and secure process, however, it doesn’t allow logging in using the password by default. To login to aws ec2 instance using password, we need to do following steps: […]

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