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  • Deploy full stack React app on AWS EC2 (or any vps)

    In this tutorial we will configure a vps server using aws ec2 instance to run nodejs app along with nginx as a reverse proxy. Don’t get confused, it sounds complex but it’s just a straight forward process. AWS EC2 vs Amazon Amplify or Heroku to host full stack react app Note that this is also […]

  • Setup Nginx on Virtual Server & deploy React app, Server & Client

    In this tutorial we will configure the nginx on a virtual server (aws EC2 in our case, but can be any virtual server from any other provider like digital ocean, google cloud console, etc.). Static / Persistent / Elastic IP If you’re on amazon aws then you need to setup elastic ip for this ec2 […]

  • How to keep nodejs server alive using pm2

    Node.js server can be run by simply pointing it to a file that we want it to run, e.g: Or you can also use npm to run your file if you have defined the start procedure in your package.json file. However, as soon as you close the terminal, the server stops. Is there a way […]

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