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  • How to login to aws ec2 instance using password

    Aws ec2 instance creates virtual server for us and provides us with a .pem file to login into the server. This is no doubt a very useful and secure process, however, it doesn’t allow logging in using the password by default. To login to aws ec2 instance using password, we need to do following steps: […]

  • How to keep nodejs server alive using pm2

    Node.js server can be run by simply pointing it to a file that we want it to run, e.g: Or you can also use npm to run your file if you have defined the start procedure in your package.json file. However, as soon as you close the terminal, the server stops. Is there a way […]

  • ufw firewall to view & open ports

    To make sure which ports are open on your server firewall, run this command: This will give you a list like this: Make sure that your port is listed there. Port 80 is used for all normal web traffic (non ssl) and port 22 is used for SSH / SFTP. You can open new ports […]

  • ERROR: FPM initialization failed [Solved]

    The error was encountered when adding new virtual server (new domain) to virtualmin. The server was running bot PHP as cgi and also as php-fpm. However, while configuring the new domain, we got an error that php8-fpm could not restart. Upon debugging, we got the error: This error is because of, as it mentions, an […]

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