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  • Best PHP PDF Library without composer

    You can use the pdf library DomPDF without using composer. Actually the library installation dues support composer too, but they provide normal releases on their official github repo which does not require composer. How to install DOMPDF without composer Simply goto: Then goto releases and download the latest release. Unzip the downloaded files in […]

  • Setup VS Code remote SSH with jump host proxy

    This post will solve the issue where you need to first login to a remote server as an intermediary proxy and then connect to the other server, all via visual studio code. For this we need to use the remote host feature of visual studio code like we do to connect with any regular remote […]

  • nGinx stops & shows apache error page

    In this post we will fix the nginx server issue where it stops and the frontend of website shows the error message related to apache server. If you check the nginx error logs, you will see something like this: What causes this error? This error is caused by apache (or httpd) server using the same […]

  • Error: EACCES: permission denied [Solved]

    Sometimes when we’re working with files, our user is not able to save or edit the files on the server. This tutorial will help you fix that issue. For example, if while trying to save a file on vs code, you get this error: Failed to save ‘functions.php’: Unable to write file ‘vscode-remote://’ (NoPermissions (FileSystemError): […]

  • Laravel Deploy on nGinx LEMP

    This tutorial explains how to publish a laravel project website on LEMP server (running nginx & mysql) on ubuntu. However, it should work the same on any other linux distribution based vps. Will PHP artisan serve work? php artisan serve command is not supposed to be used in production environment. The production environment doesn’t need […]

  • Load google fonts using javascript

    We can load google fonts using javascript, resulting in better google pagespeed score. Google webfonts loader also allows us to set a timeout before loading the google fonts. The code would look like this: For more info: Note: we can also load custom font files using webfontloader. More details on their github page.

  • Discord.js Bot Starter Template

    This code will run a basic discord bot that you can split into commands and then keep everything organized in modules. Files: package.json index.js .env src/commands/index.js src/commands/ping.js (a sample command) You can add new commands in src/commands/ folder by copying the sample.js file and modifying it to suit your module. Then you have to edit […]

  • WordPress CheatSheet

    Force add SSL / HTTPS without plugin First make sure that your wordpress site has WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) set to a https:// version in Settings > General. Fix redirect loop on WordPress https version Then if you go into a redirect loop while trying to reach https version, add this code […]

  • Run Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Macbook pro m1 (arm)

    Basic steps and key points as of today are: UTM, virtualbox, vmware fusion will not help you run ubuntu virtual machine on your arm based macbook pro m1 (running apple silicon) You need to have parallels for it to work Install the latest beta version of 22.04 for arm processor. What did not work I […]

  • Redirect CheatSheet

    This page lists methods to redirect a webpage using various technologies. How to redirect webpage using PHP How to redirect webpage using JavaScript How to redirect using on webpage using html meta http-equiv

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