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driver_pnp_watchdog error on Boot Camp Windows

driver_pnp_watchdog error on Boot Camp Windows

While trying to install windows on a macbook pro 2019, using boot camp assistant, I received the error:


Initially the Setup is starting screen took a long while, then the installation screen was not responsive and i wasn’t able to click or use mouse keys. Then it ended up in a blue screen of death (BSOD) with error driver_pnp_watchdog.

Solution for driver_pnp_watchdog error on boot camp BSOD

The solution is bit weird but simple. It may sound wrong (as it did to me), but it worked.

Simply run the whole process, let the Setup is starting screen to go away and the windows installation screen, which gives options, to appear. This screen will be non-responsive and previously would have ended in BSOD (and will do again if you let it wait).

So When you’re at the install options screen, press the power button and keep pressing it, for a force shut down. Start your macbook again after force shut down and keep the option button pressed. This will show you options for mac and windows, select windows option. This time same process will repeat but it the click will work this time on install screen.

Note that you have to force restart on the install screen and keep option button pressed when computer is starting again.

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