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[Solved] Macbook pro HDMI external monitor heat issue

[Solved] Macbook pro HDMI external monitor heat issue

This post will finally help you fix the macbook pro intel high temperature issue when connecting an external monitor, even when fans are running at full spin and loud.

I had been struggling with fixing the issue on my macbook pro 16 inch (2019 intel based) too, and finally got it resolved.

How to solve macbook pro 16 inch heating issue on HDMI

We will go through these steps in more detail one by one. Please note, do all the steps even if a single step does not change the temperature of your macbook.

  1. Use non-DVI HDMI port
  2. Use Native resolution for both macbook pro and external monitor
  3. use non dvi port

Use non-DVI HDMI port on external monitor

If your external monitor or tv (samsung tv for example) has two or more HDMI ports, check which one of them is pure HDMI only.

When you goto source settings, the DVI HDMI will show something like HDMI/DVI, do not use that port. Use the simple HDMI one.

Use native resolution for both screens

Use native resolution for both external monitor / tv and also for your macbook pro screen.

Note, it’s important that you do that for both screens. You might not see a change in temperature of your GPU until both are at native default resolution.

Make sure that the refresh rate is set at 60 for both.

Close the display settings, and then open them again to see if they are retained.

Set refresh rate to 60

Make sure that you set the refresh rate to 60 for both screens. When we close the display preferences on macbook pro, it sometimes doesn’t save them, so open them again to confirm if they are applied.

Also remove the zoom etc. Just make everything default.

By doing these steps, you will see an immediate reduction in temperatures. The temperature will go near the values where it is on single screen with dedicated graphics.

Clean your macbook pro fans

Not recommended for any general users. It can also void your warranty and you will definitely break something.

But if you do plan to clean them, it will have a massive impact on the cooling. I was shocked to see the dirt and debris clogged in my macbook pro fans. I cleaned it without removing the fans, just by removing the lower lid and using plastic tool to pull the debris stuck at fan and overall area.

Do this step at your own risk.

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